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RepresentativeYukio Yoda
AddressTokyo-to Oota-ku Higashimagome 1-23-17-505
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Main Career of Yukio Yoda

1973 Graduated Kyoto University and joined Ministry of International Trade and Industry¡ÊMITI, currently METI¡Ë
1973~2000 Worked for several technology-related organizations (Japan Patent Office, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, NEDO and so on), Machinery and Information Industries Bureau and Agency of Natural Resources and Energy.
1991~1994 1997~2000 I Worked for Embassy of Japan in Canada, JETRO San Francisco.
2000~2007 Worked for CISTEC and Kyocera Corp after leaving MITI.

1) Technology related management

  1. Support and develop for Venture Enterprise Center, Project of Basic Technology for Future Industries of MITI, Center of Desalination and Re-use of Sewage.
  2. Japan Patent Office, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and Nuclear Bureau of Science and Technology Agency (STA)
  3. Establish an incubator in Silicon Valley as Chief Executive Director of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) San Francisco.

2) M&A, Venture Business Investment and Catalyst Activity

JETRO San Francisco and Kyocera Corp

3) Organization design, Budgeting and Human-resources related management

  1. Japan Patent Office, NEDO, Kanto Bureau and Statistics Bureau of MITI.
  2. Corporate Governance and SOX-Law of Kyocera Corp.

4) Overseas assignment

Commercial and Economical Councillor of Japan Embassy in Canada and Chief Executive Director of JETRO San Francisco