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Catalyst, Facilitator, Mentor in the days of Paradigm Shift

Yukio Yoda, joined MITI in 1973, have been accumulating and aggregating various experiences and building up wide network, as a governmental official involved in framework for R&D and management of organization and human-resources, as a governmental official staying in Silicon Valley from 1997 to 2000, as well as a corporate officer in charge of Venture Investment, M&A projects and corporate governance.

And I would like play a role of Catalyst, Facilitator and Mentor to contribute for shifting global paradigm, and vitalizing and supporting not only Japanese but global young generation.

Proposals of Function and Role by TaskYoda

  1. Giving advices regarding Patent and Know-how Management from the view point of doing business in Japan.
    About Patent and Know-how Management as the base of doing business, giving basic advices and introducing professionals.
  2. Supporting SMBs who are interested in Japanese Market
    Giving advices and introduction of specialists to firms who are interested in doing business in Japan.
  3. Analyzing business plans and business projects and advices for M&A.
    Analizing business plans, evaluating business value and introducing specialists.
  4. Analyzing the management of SMBs and giving advices and consultations to Tops of SMBs from the view point of doing business in Japan.
    Proposing the best design of organization and the essential for management as Japanese corporation.
  5. Advising regarding Corporate Governance and Compliance from the view point of doing business in Japan.
    Giving advices and ideas regarding Corporate Governance and Compliance, using my experience in Japanese Corporation.