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November2002 - June2007 Kyocera Corporation [Kyoto Japan]

In charge of Venture-business investment, some M&A projects. Negotiations and coordinating with foreign companies and Japanese ones to make deals realized Purchasing Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) technology from Taiwanese Company, and one site ( Yasu Site in Japan)from IBM.

Establishing Medical Material related Company with Kobelco by corporate divestiture system and one subsidiary in China.

Executing evaluations and financial due diligence.

Analyzing B/S ,P/L and business plans of SMBs targeted as investments.Participating in making the designs for applications of SOX Law and disclosure of financial important matters.

October2000 - November2002 Center For Information On Security Trade Control Executive Managing Director [Tokyo Japan]

Managing and coordinating the organization which is the only non-profit and non-governmental one in Japan, and in charge of consultations and surveys related to export security controls including regulations, technology development.

Responsible as head of Center for aggregating opinions and requests of associated members and providing those to Japanese Government to establish efficient and effective control system.

June2000 - October2000 MITI Senior Staff of Minister°«s Secretariat [Tokyo Japan]

Reporting the newest situation of US °»New Economy°… and Silicon Valley entrepreneurship through IT revolution.

Presenting them in several rural areas where regional governments and groups are interested in Silicon Valley entrepreneurship to revitalize their areas.

June1997 - June2000 JETRO° JAPAN EXTERNAL TRADE ORGANIZATION°ňSan Francisco Chief Executive Director [San Francisco US]

Finding out US SMEs which have intentions to penetrate Japanese market especially in high-tech arena.

Making networks especially in Silicon Valley with US industrial groups, associations and incubators to bridge US and Japanese SMBs and realize their business opportunities.

Establishing JETRO Incubator in Silicon Valley with collaboration of City San Jose and other associations to have Japanese startups exposed to Silicon Valley entrepreneurships and have them business opportunities in Silicon Valley.

Presenting or briefing at Stanford University, California University of San Francisco or other universities as well as Japan Society San Francisco and other business groups, regarding Japanese economy and our economical policies especially to revitalize our economy and society.

Strengthening the official relations with California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana States to promote their exports and investments to Japan with collaboration of States°« trade policies.

Accepting Japanese delegations or personnel from central or regional governments and from private business sectors or Academy.

June1996 - June1997 Research and Statistics Department MITI Senior Director of Administrative Division [Tokyo Japan]

June1994 - June1996 Patent Office MITI Director of Personnel Division [Tokyo Japan]

Development of human resources of Patent Office.

Administrating and appointments of 2500 officials .

Engaging in supervising the 110th Anniversary honorably with the presence of Emperor and Empress and Prime Minister

May1991 - June1994 Embassy in Canada Commercial and Economical Councillor [Ottawa Canada]

Supporting Canadian enterprises' export to Japan and Japanese enterprises°« investment in Canada especially collaborating with JETRO and Canadian business groups.

Analyzing and reporting on Canadian trade policy through Uruguay Round negotiation and NAFTA negotiation.

Negotiating the elimination of Canadian tariffs on automobile-parts with Canadian Government.

July1990 - May1991 Environmental Protection and Industrial Location Bureau MITI Director of Industry Facilities Division [Tokyo Japan]

Engaging in industrial water supply, and subsidizing local governments Promoting desalination and re-use of sewage and developing related technologies.

Making reconstruction plans and cooperation plans of contaminated desalination plants of Gulf Area by Gulf War

February1989 - June1990 NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) Director of General Coordinating Division [Tokyo Japan]

Coordinating, supervising, planning and budgeting projects of new energy technology development including solar battery, fuel cell, energy-saving and industrial technology development.

May1987 - February1989 Machinery and Information Industries Bureau MITI

March1986 - April1987 Kanto Bureau of MITI Direcor of General Affiars [Tokyo Japan]

Coordinating of promoting SMEs policy and vitalizing Regional Areas of Kanto Area(11 prefectures surrounding Tokyo).

Carrying out the event to vitalize Kanto Area with cooperation of Chamber Commerce and other parties.

Making the vision of Tokyo Bay Area Development.

July1985 - March1986 Research and Statistics Department MITI

November1983 - June1985 The Prime Minister°«s Office Administration Restructuring Council Secretary Bureau Deputy Councilor [Tokyo Japan]

Following up decisions of administration restructuring, especially in postal policy, agricultural policy.

February1983 - November1983 Agency of Natural resources and Energy MITI Deputy Director Public Utilities department

Coordinating policies of public utilities, including utility rate.

Negotiating the process of privatization of J-Power and budgeting J-Power.

May1981 - February1983 Agency of Industrial Science and Technology MITI Deputy Director of Basic Technology for Future Industries Division

Planning, promoting and budgeting R&D projects of the targeted advanced technologies of advanced ceramics, FRP, FRM, conductive polymer or new other materials and genetic engineering or cell-utilized biotechnology and new-functioned semiconductors which are expected to lead new industry development.

Holding an open seminar to explain performances of these projects for Japanese Industry also for US and foreign companies.

June1979 - May1981 Nuclear Bureau °°Science and Technology Agency STA Planning Division

Mainly in charge of realizing the budget for Fast-Breeding Reactor.

July1978 - May1979 Machinery and Information Industries Bureau MITI Promoting R&D oriented SMBs Group

Promoting R&D oriented high-tech start-ups through guaranteeing their loans by the fund of VEC Strengthening the fund by getting new budget.

June1977 - July1978 Machinery and Information Industries Bureau MITI

December1975 - June1977 Agency of Natural Resources and Energy MITI

April1973 - Decmber1975 Patent Office General Affairs Division MITI

Planning, budgeting and coordinating for computerization of the process of application examining, increasing staffs and expanding organization for increased applications.

Participating amendments of Patent Law and Trademark Law.

Planning the idea of Patent Strategy, utilizing patent map, trend of applications so on.

Expanding international activities for WIPO and UNIDO so on.


1973 Bachelor of Law Department, Kyoto University, Japan

1969 Sanda-Gakuen Senior High School, Hyogo, Japan