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2009.09.27 update

Knowledge Society: Peter Drucker

The starting of 21st Century is the days of Network Development of authorities and small professional groups in Knowledge Society as Mr Peter Drucker told us Post Capitalism Society. And there, Knowledge is just productive elements.

Proposals of Function and Role by TaskYoda

  1. Giving advices, consultations and introduction of specialists regarding Patent Management, R&D, Venture Capital and so on from the view point of doing business in Japan.
  2. Giving advices and introduction of specialists to firms who are interested in doing business in Japan.
  3. Analyzing business plans and business projects and evaluating business value for SMB's.
  4. Analyzing the management of just founded young SMBs and giving advices and consultations to Tops of SMBs
  5. Advocating ideas for policies to vitalize SMBs, solutions of problems of SMBs.
whats new
  • 2009.9.18
    Participating in 15th Innovation Challenge by MCPC
    ---- The members of Mobile Computing Promoting Consortium introduce their new technologies. WILLCOM which is to expand WiMax business explains XPG(eXtended Global Platform) that is to realize broadband service of same speed of up-load and down-load, using microcell system adaptive array a... [more]
  • 2009.9.9
    Participating in PLM Congress 2009
    ----ĦĦThis seminar is to grasp platform systems of manufacturing from the viewpoint of PLM(Product Lifecycle Management). The presentations mainly focus how to manage total information in three dimensions of from procurement to logistics, from design to production process management and from domestic to global ... [more]